Remote team meetings reinvented

Make meetings shorter, reduce their frequency, eliminate calendar fragmentation, decongest calendars at the company scale, and stop over-inviting caused by the fear of missing out.

Without Meetter your calendar is really busy
With Meetter your calendar is a lot more organized
Our mission is to make remote team meetings the most rewarding experience of the day.
Longer than necessary
The habit of scheduling long meetings evolved in a physical workplace that required in-person attendance and potentially lengthy meeting setup without the technology we have access to today.
Speedy meets
It takes just a few seconds to join meetings remotely, and with Meetter you can seamlessly participate in many small group meets, each as short as 5 minutes, within a single hour—taking only the time needed.
No meeting-work balance
With quickly-advancing modern scheduling tools, it is easy for calendars to become overwhelmed with excessive meetings.
Predefined hours for all the meetings
Meetter schedules all meets within predefined blocks of time, making most of the workday meeting-free.
Fragmented calendar
Arbitrarily scheduled meetings interrupt workflow and productivity. While scheduling tools may help find available slots, they are rarely optimal for everyone.
Autonomous scheduling
In a less than a second, Meetter’s highly distributed metaheuristic algorithm processes billions of possible meeting schedules and picks the best one for your team.
Advance calendar reservation
Scheduling tools force organizers to select arbitrary meeting times when there is almost never a particular preference or urgency. This makes it difficult to find time for more pressing discussions regarding time-sensitive matters.
Dynamic scheduling based on urgency
Meetter’s scheduling process is highly dynamic, with no specific time selected by people. Urgent meets are automatically prioritized by pushing conflicting meets to the next available slot.
Recurrent meetings
Widespread recurrent reservation leads to congested calendars at the company scale.
Repeating meets
The time interval between repeating meets will automatically stretch to avoid congestion and to accommodate more urgent discussions.
Fear of missing out
The ephemeral nature of meetings leads to over-inviting as a courtesy to others.
Persistent meets
Recordings are turned on by default for all non-sensitive meets and shared with all the topic followers along with automatic transcriptions and collaboratively crafted notes.
Hassle with managing calendar
People spend a lot more time on scheduling, resolving conflicts, and rescheduling meetings than on actual preparation.
Agenda-first autonomous scheduling
Agenda topic, selected participants, duration of meeting, and urgency level are all Meetter needs to know to schedule a new meet at the best time. The meet is automatically rescheduled if the availability of one of the required participants has changed.


Early StageStandard
per month fixed
up to 10 users
per user per month

You can choose between two plans: Early Stage & Standard. The Early Stage plan, with a fixed fee of $100/mo, is for teams of up to 10 users. For larger teams, we have the Standard plan with a monthly fee of $30 per user.