Meetter =
10x better meetings 

Quick, focused, distraction-free meets

Fragmented Calendar
Without Meetter your calendar is really busy
Meetter All-Meets
With Meetter your calendar is a lot more organized

10x Better

Meetter is not just another video conferencing app. Meetter makes team meetings 10x more efficient.

See exactly how by checking out our whitepaper.

Reserve time for all-meets

All-meets are organization-wide time slots where everyone participates in a series of small, focused meets with different groups of people.

It is a new kind of meeting experience that eliminates distraction caused by ad-hoc meetings and optimizes the use of limited time on the intersection of timezones.

Meetter all-meets screen

Schedule meets via Slack

Meet is a mini-meeting scheduled within all-meets. Meetter programmatically finds the best time for every meet.

Just type a topic name, mention the required participants and @meetter bot, and magic will happen.

Schedule meets via slack

Meetter finds the best time for everyone

Existing apps are good at finding available time slots, but those slots are rarely the best for everyone.

Meetter finds the best possible schedule for the entire team based on meet length, participant availability, and urgency.

Schedule changes notifications in slack

Condensed meeting experience

Focus on what you want to discuss, with whom it is best to have that discussion, and how long it could take.

The when is totally on Meetter.

Meetter’s autonomous scheduler processes billions of possible meeting schedules and picks the most optimal one.

Instead of all people sitting in one room, multiple sessions will occur simultaneously. That way, no one’s time is wasted.

Dynamic scheduling

Calendars are very static, but your team is NOT.

In reality, priorities change every day.

Meetter changes your schedule in real-time to reflect the way modern companies operate.

Meets prioritized based on urgency

Mention the urgency of your topic when you schedule a meet.

The urgent meet will be prioritized, and the less urgent, conflicting meets will be automatically postponed.

Hassle-free autonomous scheduling

Finalized schedule is posted to Slack

The schedule is finalized 15 minutes before the all-meets begin. After that, the schedule cannot be changed. This gives participants time to prepare.

At that time, everyone will receive notifications with a list of rooms to join, and those who don’t have meets will receive cancelations.

Reminders to join

There is no need to worry about reminding people to join their meets.

Latecomers will receive a reminder via Slack about a minute after the meeting’s start time.

Reminders to join

Join right from your browser

You get a new meeting experience: seamlessly participate in many small group meetings, each as short as 5 minutes.

Meetter is reliable, scalable, secure, and does not require installation.

It works best in Chrome, but also compatible with Safari, Firefox, iOS Safari and Android Chrome.

Take notes collaboratively

No need to open another app to collaborate on notes. Everyone contributes to the discussion directly through Meetter.

This is the best way to reduce multitasking, as it helps participants stay engaged.

Take notes collaboratively

Recording and transcriptions by default

Meeter comes with hassle-free, automatic recording and transcription, speaker detection, and language detection.

Video and transcription are in sync for a streamlined review process—just jump to a specific point in the recording by clicking on the transcription.

Recording and transcriptions

No meeting is lost with Meetter

Everything is organized by topic

All past meetings can be found in one place.

Conveniently schedule follow-up discussions, post comments, and review older notes, transcriptions or recordings.

Everything is organized by topic

Recordings posted back to Slack thread

No need to invite people to listen in just so they can be in the loop.

Meetter shares the recording with everyone on the Slack channel so the content can be easily accessed by anyone who is part of it.

Recordings posted back to Slack

Search your meetings

Meetings generate valuable team knowledge. But much is lost or diluted in subsequent meetings held to propagate that knowledge.

But not anymore. Meetter protects your hard work and progress.

Now everyone can search previous meetings before scheduling a new one.

Meetter keeps your growing distributed team in sync

Pricing Savings Calculator

Meetter pays for itself by reducing the time spent in meetings. It also increases team productivity by eliminating the distraction of arbitrarily scheduled meetings.

Your current spending on all internal meetings:-$60,000/mo
Savings due to 20% reduction in meeting time:+$12,000/mo
Gain due to 5% productivity boost:+$24,000/mo
Estimated savings:+$36,000/mo