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Meetter =
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Quick, focused, distraction-free meets

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It’s no secret that remote meetings are terribly inefficient. It’s time to rethink the way we meet.

Meetter is not just another video conferencing app. Meetter is a completely new meeting paradigm focused on team productivity. See how you can get an enormous productivity boost by checking out our whitepaper.

Without Meetter your calendar is really busy
With Meetter your calendar is a lot more organized

Achieve work-meeting balance

Maximizing your time

Have meets compete with each other for your time, not with the rest of your workday. Low priority meets are postponed automatically if there isn’t enough time.

All your meets in one block

No more meetings scattered through the day. Before lunch? After? Beginning of the day? The end? The answer will never again be “all of the above”.

Stop worrying about availability

Set a topic and attendees, and automatically get the perfect time, every time. You don’t need to ask for permission to schedule a meet — it just happens.

Short and focused

Meetings are most efficient when they stick to a one topic. All Meetter meets have a single topic only, and as a result, 70% of them are around ten minutes.

Mindful experience

Forget about multitasking. Meetter helps everyone stay engaged and enjoy every meet (really). Our users routinely flow through 6+ meets in a single hour.

Genuinely useful notes and recordings

Still sending minutes documents and an hour-long recording links? With Meetter, a real-time collaborative document is part of every meet, and single-topic recordings are short.

Imagine a world where...

  • All of your meetings are extremely efficient.
  • All your meetings take place in the same 1 or 2 hour windows, freeing up the rest of your work week.
  • You have a lot more time to do actual work.
  • You never have to check someone’s availability.
  • You actually enjoy your meetings.
  • You can have it all.
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Pricing Savings Calculator

Meetter pays for itself by reducing the time spent in meetings. It also increases team productivity by eliminating the distraction of arbitrarily scheduled meetings.

Your current spending on all internal meetings:-$60,000/mo
Savings due to 50% reduction in meeting time:+$30,000/mo
Gain due to 20% productivity boost:+$96,000/mo
Estimated savings:+$126,000/mo