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Installable web app, Edge browser support, new attachment experience

October 04, 2020

Hi there!

This is our weekly update, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • Installable web app. You can install the Meetter web app icon to your desktop or mobile home screen (Android-only). Unlike native installable apps (.exe, .msi, .dmg, etc.), you aren’t putting your security at risk by installing a web app as it’s still executed by your favorite browser. You should see an install suggestion if your browser supports this capability. For Mac or Windows, it works in Chrome, Brave, and Edge browsers. Android Chrome works as well.

mobile app

desktop app

  • Edge browser support. Now you can participate in meets using the latest version of the MS Edge browser.
  • New attachment experience. We’ve redesigned meet attachments experience to make it even easier to attach files and images.

desktop app

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Indicate optional participants when creating a meet from Slack (just add a question mark at the end: @person1?)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support scheduling meets for later from Slack DMs (see /meetter for help)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Expire web browser notifications after meet is over
  • [BUG] Hard-stop indicator isn’t always displayed
  • [BUG] No ability to choose meet duration when scheduling manual meet
  • [BUG] Sporadic issue when low priority meets aren’t scheduled even though there are matching all-meets
  • [BUG] Unable to convert Manual meet to Pinned meet
  • [BUG] No ability to choose meet duration when scheduling manual meet
  • [BUG] No action buttons displayed in video player in FF (MacOS and Windows)

Meetter Team

Written by Gene Podolyak
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